About Me

Outlaw X 2021Hi! I’m Emma.

Thank you for stopping by and being part of my triathlon journey.

Join me on my quest to compete with the best women in the world- Can I do it?

I am an ordinary person who one day woke up and decided to try competing in a triathlon. Roll on 7 years, I have my Pro License, a toddler and a part time job!



Brief background

  • 2015 was my first year representing Great Britain as an Age Grouper triathlete (27 years old) at standard distance triathlon (1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run).
  • In 2016 I was world champion at that distance
  • In 2017 I stepped up a distance to half ironman (1900m swim, 90km bike and 21km run) and was awarded my Pro License after two races.
  • 2018 I did my first (and only) full ironman. I also went part time at work (3 days a week)
  • 2019 – No racing for me as I broke my should and then was pregnant with our little one
  • 2020 (4 weeks before the start of the covid pandemic) we had our little girl. This removed all the fears I had of missing out on racing and allowed me to take my time to get back to training and racing
  • 2021 I raced!!! I also got my pro license back having won and broken the course record at Outlaw X half ironman.

Future plans

This bring us to 2022… In order to keep my Pro license I need to race as a pro (with a pro field) and finish within the British Triathlon Federation designated time by 30th June 2022.

My goal is simple; to be the best triathlete I can be. This is my dream and with the support of individuals and organisations I feel I can achieve this.

I currently work three days a week in a challenging job that I love. I also have a wonderful, supportive husband, family and friends, I couldn’t do it without them.

If you’d like to be part of my journey I’d love to hear from you.

I hope you enjoy reading about my progress and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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