Well, that all ended quickly didn’t it?! I can’t believe it’s now the end of the season and I’m happy to have finished it in one piece. Finishing 4th in the World Championships in my age group (and 6th overall) in Chicago is better than I ever could have expected. With the drama of Geneva lingering in the back of my mind, I would have been delighted with a top 10 finish. Because of this, I’m sure you can imagine how much I was (and still am) bouncing off the walls! This moment was made all the more special, as I had most of my family supporting me there, with the rest at home apparently screaming at the live tracker! This includes my wonderful Grandma (see photo below… and yes, that is a magnifying glass!)

My success this season isn’t solely down to my individual efforts. I’d like to thank the two people who have helped and supported me the most. Firstly my wonderful boyfriend and secondly my coach, Mitch. I will never be able to thank either of them enough for their support and help over the past year. I’d like to think I’ve repaid them with my performances.

You don’t need to know me well, to know I like food… Being in Chicago post race only meant one thing- LOTS of it! Within 24 hours post race I think I’d eaten a deep dish brownie, cheesecake, steak, popcorn, pancakes, donuts and a couple of cocktails; I needed something to wash all that down….. I’m not sure I’ll ever be hungry again.

We are now having a much needed relaxing holiday; enjoying the sunshine, beaches and peacefulness of Michigan. When we return it’ll be straight into winter training, with the aim of finishing on the podium next time, seeing as I got so close to it in Chicago. Whilst out here, I’ve also been encouraged to enter some Elite races next season based on my performance, so that’s also something to work towards, exciting!

Thank you again to my sponsors DP World London Gateway, Paddock Cycles, Ed Kirby Physiotherapy and Profile Protein. Bring on 2016.

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