Outlaw X Podium

A victory and a course record at Outlaw X A big domestic win and my first course record! Not a bad way to end the 2021 season. I find myself hitting my peak on my last race, so am extremely reluctant to stop racing for the year but we decided it would be best to

June 2018 Blogdate

Hello everyone! It’s been a while hasn’t it? The last time I posted was way back in February and since then plenty has happened. I have been very busy trying to balance training around my work despite the fact I went part-time in January. Believe it or not, this has not led  to much more free time than before. 


2016 WTS Cozumel

On Sunday 18th September at approximately 09:04 I became World Champion in the Female 25-29 age group. Even writing that now makes me emotional. At the beginning of the season I set myself a goal of getting on the podium at both the European and the World Championships. Having won a silver medal at the