Yonda Ghost Wetsuit Review

Yonda Ghost Wetsuit 2016As part of my sponsorship with Yonda Racing, they have provided me with this wetsuit, and I absolutely love it. It’s significantly lighter and more comfortable than my previous Blueseventy Fusion wetsuit.  During triathlons, I often have to run a significant distance (sometimes up to 500m) in the wetsuit between the end of the swim and the transition area.

The lightness of the Yonda wetsuit certainly helps me complete this run in a quicker time than I used to.  The benefits don’t stop once I get into the transition area itself.  The biggest difference between the Yonda wetsuit and my previous one is that the rubber is extremely flexible, making it a lot easier to take off in transition in a quick time.  Let me tell you, the average wetsuit is not easy to take off at the best of times, but the Yonda one is as good as it can be for this. It has a backwards zip which also helps me take it off quickly.

I couldn’t finish the review without saying it’s got a pink trim! Joking apart, it makes it easier for people who come to watch me in races actually find me in the water. And don’t worry guys, it comes in green as well…..

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